Thursday, January 13, 2011

Team Up Thursday: All in a Row.

We're back! Puna and I have teamed up again.
Her image is of Christmas cuties all in row. I like the devious look on that first one's face. Oh the thoughts he must be thinking! I admire how awesome she gets her aperture. I'm honoured to be her partner.

Let me set the stage. 7:20AM the morning of her wedding, my sister calls me frantic. The bouquets arrived and the florist messed up. I grabbed everyone coffee, stopped and picked up whatever yellow flowers could be had and zoomed to the rescue. This was the result.
Skip over and see Melody and Megan for some more great fun.


  1. Wonderful Kristina! Thanks and I'm happy to be your partner too!

  2. The flowers turned out beautifully.