Monday, January 31, 2011

Recap: Mission - January

One month of 2011 ready to call it a wrap. It feels as though this long, cold, grey month has passed too soon. There is still planning and dreaming and wishing and being to do. Today is a new day, tomorrow another. Let's keep it all in sight.
So, how did my month shake out?
1.Save. Most certainly. There is still learning to be had and work to be done but progress has been significant.
2.Tidy. A constant battle.
3.Build. A Lego construction world has been conquered.
4.Read. Two books have had their covers closed. One, I miss and the other I admire the author for following a dream.
5.List. Oh there are more to be had.
6.Photograph. Fail.
7.Write. There has been a storm of ideas pouring forth. There are pages of thought penned. Now, to weave them together.

It was an accomplished month. The newness of the year has worked it's way in and 2011 just fits right where it should.


  1. I also can't believe we're already a whole month into the new year! You've had such a great and productive start already, though - congrats!

  2. You did well! I honestly hadn't grasped the fact that January was over until I saw your post. Can I just say - THANK HEAVEN!