Thursday, August 26, 2010

Team Up Thursday: Old

Puna is the best partner on the planet. This week, she editted up my image. My computer with PS died. It's going to be a bit yet before I'm up and running again.

Here is Puna's shot this week. I wish I could have a converation with this lady. I can only imagine what wisdom she walks with.

My snap is of a building that was built in 1890 and is still standing. The top three floors of the building burnt in a fire in the 1940's but the foundation stood solid.

Melody and Megan have some awesome images and more wonderful contributions over on their blogs. Pay them a visit.

Until next week!


  1. So glad to do it and so happy you gave me the opportunity! You are a great partner too!

  2. Beautiful - what a great friend