Monday, August 2, 2010

Check this out!

The incredible, kind, gentle Puna of Life Signatures, world voyager, sensational photographer, writer with wit and wisdom, my Team-Up Thursdays partner, is hosting a giveaway. You read that right. A GIVEAWAY! It's super simple to enter. Go to this post on her blog and read about the details. This one is way too good to miss.

Hello Love - Family.

This is me and my sister. I picked her name and that was just the start of this Hello Love. We've tilted the Earth in its axis more than once. We know how to fight and good. Just ask Mom (who always pretends not to get in the middle but does). More importantly we know love - Love each other, Love family, Love life.
She lives far away with my sensational brother-in-law. When I kidnap her she can come home and visit, we thread together the moments that make the memories and make our family. This is my Hello Love - Family.

P.S. Can you guess who's older by 5 years? It's a game we always play.

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  1. How wonderful Kristina! Thank you so much. I just love this photo of sisterly love. And you must be twins...I'm sure of it:)