Monday, February 22, 2010

Without a plan.

Today started with a to-do list. Somewhere between the time I got up and the time I reached the kitchen, that list changed.
It went from a must-do, can-do, want-to-do kind to a just-let-the-day-decide kind. For today, it is working perfect.
Little Miss K is catching some zzz's. Mr. S is deep into a movie with his Daddy. I'm ignoring the things that were on the list to take some time for serious silence and dreams. There is something inside me that is yearning for more. Maybe I've caught the cabin fever bug. Maybe I'm done with the snow and just cold enough weather. Maybe the dreary days are wearing on me. I know I'm extremely thankful that today is a vacation one.
Let's dream...
The setting: A cozy cabin with wood walls. The perfect chair to snuggle into. A roaring fireplace with its flames licking at the glass door. A great book and a delicious glass of Valpolicella in my hand. The sun is just dropping behind the trees and the blackness of night is close.
There is a knock at the door.
Who are these evening visitors at my door?


  1. Yesterday was a day when I crossed out the plan and decided to "go with the flow" as we said in my youth. I didn't accomplish anything that had seemed so important, but I read some stuff and talked to some people that made me happier. I need to try flexibility more often!

    Thanks for your comment today. I don't know why Winnie the Pooh suddenly struck me last night at midnight, but I try to be flexible in the blog world, too!