Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another one on the horizon.

To say life is busy sounds a bit silly because it seems that lately it always is. No sooner does one thing end another is very quick to race into its space. I look at all the things I want to do and then resolve that I need to be happy if I can get one thing done, never mind the other 300 waiting. Small steps.

This week I need to tap into to my discipline. There is an exam looming and the material is demanding attention. Seven days. I count each one very slowly. Have three months really already passed? I have courses stacked for the summer and waver on my decision to have done so. I try to focus knowing that if I put the effort in now I'll be able to breathe a bit over the summer. I also know this will be one step closer to my goal.

It's raining out and boot camp is everything the name suggests. Please tell me what I was thinking when I decided to sign up. The instructions included "dress for the weather". I suppose that means tonight I'll be getting wet.

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  1. I hope you find time to stop and breathe soon - as for me, I'll still be jealous of your ambitions and dedication to BootCamp