Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hazy days filled with heart.

This morning I woke to a city clouded in a misty fog. Rather fitting for me given that I was up much later than I had intended doing things that were less than enjoyable. Perhaps peculiar but sometimes, I see clearest amid the fog. It forces me to focus on the right here and now. I can wonder what is in the grey space beyond where my sight can see but can't do much more than prepare for what it will reveal once I reach that point.
A bit like life in general, I'd say. I can ready myself for any fathomable thought but it's only in the here and now that I can be. The past is filled with memories that soften around the edges as time goes on and then fade to grey in the mist. The future radiates hopes and dreams of what will be. It, too, is a bit grey and certainly unknown. But right now, in this this moment, in this tangible space where my eyes can focus, is where my heart drums its beat.
February, welcome. You knocked gently on my open door politely waiting for me to invite you in and I thank you for that.

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  1. This is beautiful, Kristina. Happy February.