Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My eyes see.

Through the window there is a blackness of night that reflects my image back on the cold glass. The wind whispers enticingly trying to coax me away from this warm crackling fire. While tempting, the latest best seller has me engulfed such that I've even cracked the spine, my signature for a good book.
Refocusing my sight beyond the solid triple pane, the light of the moon glistens off the snow. The wind stirs up random swirls then scatters them across the dark. A lone passerby breaks the silence and sparks my curiosity. I follow his path until he, too, is lost in the night. Left momentarily behind are defined footprints only to be quickly swept under the white snow rug. There is no mercy to be had from Mother Nature's twisted plan.
I turn the page and am lost in the story again.


  1. You paint such a beautiful photo. I spent a good share of the weekend reading and it felt amazing.

  2. you perfectly set the mood. PERFECTLY.