Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mega Missions: Year 28

I spent the month of May stewing over my mega missions for the year. I'm trying to be balanced. Let's see how it goes.
  1. Listen to more music than I watch TV.
  2. Shop weekly for needs and only seasonally for wants.
  3. Focus on the goal.
  4. Create a seasonal vision board.
  5. Pray more still.
  6. See more of the lake.
  7. Swallow more stories.
  8. Be techie (read: learn how to use my ipod).
  9. Clean out the closet.
  10. Snap a self portrait a month.
  11. Walk when my brain needs to recharge.
  12. Pull back the reigns (read: learn to say no).
  13. Be artistic.
  14. Tackle one house reno.
  15. Let's do another dinner party.
  16. Pen a personal writing piece every month.
  17. Take two online courses for me.
  18. Write my mantra.
  19. Research things I want to know more about.
  20. Get together with one friend every month.
  21. Learn to bake a perfect cookie.
  22. Organize and prioritize.
  23. Do something with the ridiculous furniture.
  24. Paint the walls (read: find and hire a good painter).
  25. Take a holiday.
  26. Eat breakfast.
  27. Be true to me.
  28. Lighten up.

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