Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Being the season of Lent, many Catechism classes are learning about who Jesus Christ is and what it was that he did. My little man eagerly describes the miracles that he learns each week. First was the changing of water into wine at the wedding at Cana. Next came the bread and the fish multiplication.
This passed Sunday, he talked about the leopard. Wait a minute...a leopard? I certainly missed this one. Our conversation progressed with me being a touch confused.
"You know, Mamma. The leopard. That guy that was covered in all the spots that no one wanted to be around."
"Yes, son, but it was not a leopard. It was a leper."
"That's right, Mamma. The leopard. Like that animal sort of like a tiger."
"My boy, it is a leper. A person with a disease that makes them real sick. Not a big cat sort of like a tiger with spots."
"Ok, Mamma. So, Jesus healed the leopard and now it has no more spots."

Note to me: teach my son more about animals and learn more about our faith.

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